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Project Description
The ultimate C# .Net "Hello World!" tutorial. This project is a series of samples showing not just how to write code, but also how you can and why should do things to make your code better. Are you ready for .Net in the real world?

I am planning a series of samples to undo the damage done by countless bloggers, forum posters, codeplexers, sourceforgers, and code projecters (even if some of those aren't real words). Every time I have a problem to solve, I search the net for answers and I am thankful to all of those who took the time to post their code. However, I quite often see some bad habits which I usually correct in my own code, but I just don't have the time to give feedback to the original poster to fix some things they have done either inefficiently or just downright incorrectly.

The bottom line is there is much more to writing code than just getting the job done. There are so many considerations that most people don't learn until they are way down the road. If you are a hobbyist, you just aren't going to go back and fix stuff - you will just live with your own self-induced frustration. If you are a professional, you are wasting your employer's money. My lofty goal is to help change all that. Hopefully this will be the How-to to end all how-to's. The tutorial to end all tutorials. The getting-started app...well you get the picture.

Here are some things I will cover:

What better way to do this than through the most classic of all programming samples - "Hello World". But I'm going to add a twist. Each release will be a step through a logical (hopefully) progression of programming techniques, technologies, and concepts. Here is what is on deck:

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